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Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment recalibration is $33.00

Receiving an Axiatonal Alignement (AA) allows you to reconnect to the universal channels and meridian lines that may have become disrupted, disconnected or out of balance within the cosmic lattice grid. Upon receiving the AA, a person’s own energy body. Merkabah is recalibrated universally and functions once again in a more balanced and connected way. AA’s contribute greatly to improved health, the lessening of stress and assist in rebalancing a person’s body.

Axiatonal Lines exist throughout this Universe, in all the Galaxies, our Solar System, our planet, our bodies and all living systems. Axiatonal Lines interconnect all things with the Universal Merkabah. Upon reconnecting with the self and the universal body of energy, a person may experience anywhere from profound shifts to subtle changes.

When we extend the acupuncture lines of the body and connect them with the cosmic lattice, the body is then aligned to the Axiatonal Lines of the living Universe and the person’s higher self.

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Terri Smith
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