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Do you know who you truly are at the soul level?

Through our many lifetimes, we have so many experiences, wounds, hurts and traumas that we often forget who we truly are at the soul level.

The soul is what animates us.  Without it, our body is simply an empty shell.  The soul is our essence.  The soul has its own divine gifts and qualities…those gifts and qualities are what define us.

Do you want to find out what are your soul’s divine gift and qualities?

Are you aligned to your soul’s gift? What are your blocks and restrictions which are preventing you from being fully aligned with your soul’s divine gift?

This reading will help you become aware of the choices and decisions you made through your lifetimes which might have caused your soul to shift away from its divine gift. With that new knowledge, you can then decide to make new choices which are in alignment with your true gift.

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Alexandre Chaligne
Head Instructor at Aromansse
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