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Source from Into the light series

A Day Workshop in Winnipeg


Facilitator: Alexandre Chaligne

Study has long indicated that people can have profound life and death revelations while meditating towards a close consciousness state called “Near Death Experience”. In this workshop we start by a fully-guided exploration of how to prepare your body, mind, and energy body to make exploration possible, then meet and converse with your guides and learn the skill of bi-location—one of the forms of an out-of-body experience that is easy to learn and very helpful when exploring the nonphysical universe.

A directed exploration of the tunnel often encountered during a near death experience, will connect you with the tunnel itself, and you can then discover its origins and significance.

From that point, you will enter the realm of the Black Light, the place of unmanifested potential where you can create with ease and merge with Source – the embracing, loving light that is the foundation of the Universe.


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