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Discover and Explore Profound Meditative States


40 levels of 11-2 hour meditation classes.     Cost for 11 classes: $210

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Each meditation course will examine the techniques of: relaxation, visualization and guided meditation. Guided meditation sessions will use the world renown, Hemi-SyncTM method. This method will allow you to attain particular states of consciousness, including “out of body” experiences. Courses at Aromansse have as their goal to initiate you to meditation, and your discovery of the power and health benefits that come from participating in these classes.


We offer you the following:

  • The tools that will allow you to expand your perceptions
  • Lead you to discover other sources of energy
  • Help you to understand ‘who you are’ and the extent of your abilities
  • Teach you to better control your life



Goals include:

  • Relaxation
  • Recognition and control of personal energy
  • Problem-solving
  • The out-of-body state
  • Remote viewing
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Emotional cleansing
  • Programming your future


This will take you through the comprehension, apprenticeship, and mastery of:

  • Different levels of consciousness such as sleep
  • Dreaming, and all the levels of human consciousness that have been forgotten in Western civilization
  • Your fears, stresses, and the problems that cause them
  • Your creativity
  • Consciousness 10 to 55

We won’t give quick answers to your questions or try to impress you with miracle solutions, but rather give you the tools that will allow you to resolve your own problems today and tomorrow.

To do this we will study certain techniques you may already be familiar with:Men-and-meditation

  • Relaxation
  • Visualization
  • Chromatherapy (the science of colors)
  • Crystals and their effects
  • Guided meditation: Much of our guided meditation is done with the Monroe Institute’s method which allows the attainment of particular states of consciousness such as out of body experiences
  • Practical application through individual and group games

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Explorer Meditation

Level I – Gateway Discovery – Cost for 11 weeks is now only $210

This level will lay the foundation for easy entry into profoundly relaxed levels of consciousness. Hemi-Sync and gentle guidance support your introduction to mental tools that assist your explorations. You experience Focus 10®:, a state in which your mind remains alert and awake while your body, detached from physical sensory input, is calmly and comfortably at rest. You learn to generate a high-energy state within and around you; to release self-imposed limits and fears; to use sleep as a natural gateway into other states of consciousness. Level I ends with your creative experimentation using the processes learned thus far.

  1. Orientation – Introduction to Hemi-Sync and Focus 3
  2. Intro Focus 10 – establish the state of “mind awake/body asleep”
  3. Advanced Focus 10 – expand perception and learn greater control of personal energy
  4. Release and Recharge – detach from old fears and negative emotions
  5. Focus 10 Free Flow – experiment with all tools learned in Level I
  6. Art and Self Expression. – Surprise!

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  1. Breathing, Resonant Tuning.
  2. I Am More Than My Physical Body. – explanation, comprehension.
  3. Exploration Sleep – techniques for expanding and exploring while asleep
  4. Introduction to Mind Food CDs
  5. Music in Focus 10. – journey

For all Other Levels such as below, ask for a pamphlet.

Each class becomes full with 12 students, so place is limited. To ensure a spot in one of these classes please sign up as soon as possible.

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Level 2 – Threshold

Your continuing adventure takes you to Focus 12, an empowering state of expanded awareness in which you become more aware of inner resources. You learn to use Focus 12 energy for problem-solving, self-programming, and directing energy for healing and exploring

Level 3 – Freedom

You are now ready for fascinating experimentation in directing non-physical consciousness calmly and comfortably, adding new mental tools to those already mastered. Learn to access desired information, and to project your awareness to distant places with control and confidence

Level 4 – Bio Energy 1

Discover that you are more than physical matter, that within you lay an amazing energy. You learn how to store more energy and make it move to reach the vibrational state. Includes learning about the nature of the human energy body and how it can be stimulated and developed; extensive secondary and primary center work (major chakras)

For full description of each 30 levels ask for a pamphlet.

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