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Weekend Workshops held at St Anne MB and Riverton MB

Scroll down below for more information on our different Weekend Workshops that are held at St Anne, MB and Riverton, MB.
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Tantric and Sufi Dances

danceCosts: $199 (2 days workshop)
Full 2-day guided meditation, tuition, meals and 1 night in Riverton.

The goal is to create alchemy in our lives and return to the awareness that we can create alpha and ultimately theta waves in these exercises. This is sacred information to practice use to create a state of instant manifestation in our lives. We will enter our “Sacred Heart” space and we will practice a Sufi Meditation to assist us in a deeper heart connection for ourselves and to each other.

Facilitator: Alexandre Chaligne
Email Alex Chaligne

Dark Retreat

darkCost: $860
Full 5-day guided meditation, tuition, meals and 7 nights at the center
Location: Ste Anne

The first few days will be used to make up for any sleep deficiency and to relax the body from its daily concerns. Sleeping 12-14 hours a day, will promote healthy amounts of melatonin. The pineal gland starts to increase the production of ‘pinoline’, whereby a greater fluidity of thought and healing of the body starts to occur. This period allows for transition, wherein numerous meditations will be carried out, which will incorporate projection of the energy body and astral travel.

Christ spent 3 days in the caves near the Dead Sea, utilizing this metamorphic process, which is conducive to a very gradual death of the ego.

The Dark Room meditations will influence each person uniquely, depending on their maturity and stage of spiritual development.

Facilitator: Alexandre Chaligne
Email Alex Chaligne

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