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Please download the registration form from the link below and print it. Please email or mail us the completed form with the enclosed cheque or contact us for payment options.

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Schedule 2018

Fall Meditation Class Schedule click here
Contact Alex@Aromansse.com for registration. Meditation Classes September 2018 Schedule.
-Monday Sep 10th          5pm Level 2.1 (intuition and manifestation)    -7pm Level 6.1 (Integral Yoga Meditation)
-Tuesday Sep 11th         5pm Level 4.4 (event horizon)                        -7pm Level 4.6 (SAM integration)
-Wednesday Sep 12th    5pm Level 1.1 (introduction meditation)         -7pm Level 1.2 (discovery)
-Thursday Sep 13th        5pm Level 4 (freedom)                                  -7pm Level 3.1 (creativity)
-Friday Sep 14th             5pm Level 5.2 (level of consciousness)        -7pm Level 2.4 (focus 42)

Chakra Extra (new)
Date: Saturday Aug 25 and Sunday 26, 2018 (weekend workshop)
Location: Winnipeg Studio
Understanding of the chakras and the Kundalini energy. Cost $145

Date: Saturday September 29 and Sunday 30, 2018 (weekend workshop)
Location: Winnipeg Studio
Provides opportunities to explore the learning adventures of other selves in other times in order to gain new perspectives on who you are and what is uniquely possible for you in this present time… Cost $195

Connection with the Unseen World (new)
Date: Saturday October 20 and Sunday 21, 2018 (weekend workshop)
Location: Winnipeg Studio
Access your ability to connect with your guides, angels, with your loved ones who have passed, the masters and with oneness itself.
Cost: $195

Law of 7
Date: Saturday November 3 and Sunday 4, 2018 (weekend workshop)
Location: Winnipeg Studio
We will explore the number 7 from symbolism to the deepest understanding of planes of existence. Cost $195

Bio 5
Date: Sunday November 18, 2018 from 5pm to 9pm (4 hours)
Location: Winnipeg Studio
Fuse positive energies and create powerful positively charged life force. Work with energy circles to broaden the scope of primordial force access and protection... Cost $90


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