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– February in Bordeaux France, Franck Alain Alexandre Chaligne opens Franck Alain Coiffure, at that time what was to become Aromansse was more a physical spa (hair dressing, massage, spiritual guidance)

– Alex then moved his business now renamed Capi Formes to Cannes (FR) and there he added, Electrostimulation, Personal training with gym, Therapeutic Treatment with Capi Plantes Aromatherapy and Bach flower Consultation.

– Capi Formes moved to Montpellier (FR) and opened as a full spa with hairdressing, bath therapy, massage, aesthetic, gym, electrostimulation, spiritual guidance, Bach, Capi Plantes, color therapy, meditation.

– Alex moves to Canada, Bowen Island (BC). The business is now called Aromansse (Aromatherapy and Romance) Aromansse opens with Capi Plantes, Hemi-sync, spiritual guidance & divination painting with Alex and Serge, Bach flower remedies, meditation workshop and bed and breakfast.

– After 12 years Aromansse opens in Winnipeg (MB) with Capi plantes, Hemi-sync, spiritual guidance With Alex, Bach flower remedies, meditation workshops, and a bed and breakfast.

– January, Alex opens his palliative program & reseach in “Riverview Health center” Winnipeg.
– June, Aromansse Aromatherapy oils and Capi Plante products are in DeStress Shop on River (& Osborne).
– Alex now also teach at Kas-Sky Wholistic Health Care Centre at 561 St Anne’s Rd.
– Alex’s very first English meditation class in Winnipeg was on Sept 8. The first French meditation group started in the spring of 2001. Terri and some other students still remain from the first English class.
– December, Aromansse held its first Open House at 879 Grosvenor Av (the school’s new location)

– April, the first “Opening the Heart” takes place
– December of 2001, and January of 2002, the first “Going Home” program (precursor to Dying and Living) is held over a 4 month period.

– Aromansse moved to the “Green House” on Marion St, in St Boniface, the French area of Winnipeg.

– July, the first “AT 15” (Timeline) workshop is held at the Green House on Marion St.

– January, Kids meditation starts with Jenny Dupas.
– July, the first “Astral Travel” workshop is held on Marion St over a 7-day period.

– Riverton Retreat Centre opens in March.
– March, the first “Becoming a Lifelong Explorer” (now Stress management) workshop is held in Riverton at 204 Rosmon Rd.
– June, Aromansse moves to above Jonny’s Restaurant, 382 Marion St in St Boniface.
– July, first Dying and Living program in Riverton.
– August, Riverton goes vegetarian with the first Mandala Weekend.

– June 24 th First Aromansse Tea in The Park Social Event.
– December the first Bio Energy 3 workshop, we are now up to Bio 15.

– January Aromansse moved to 288 Marion St in St Boniface. (its current location).

– August Bhakti Yoga becomes Aromansse Yoga Studio

– April, Riverton retreat center is partially sold. All weekend and week workshops are held in Winnipeg. Riverton continue to hold the “pastry workshop” with Eric Bari.

– Some weekend and week workshops are now held at the Dragonfly retreat center in St Anne Manitoba.
– Aromansse Yoga closes to let independent teachers rent the studio.
– January, Alex opens his first “Tropical Retreat” workshop in Nicaragua.
– October, first 10 days “Dark retreat” workshop is held.

– Alex adds new services, products and bio energy workshops with (Traditional Chinese Medicine) PhytoBiodermie (Phyto5)

– January, the “Tropical Retreat is held in Bali.
– December, the “Tropical Retreat” is held in the famous town of Auroville, India.

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