About Aromatherapy

Why Use Aromatherapy Products?

Making use of a number of characteristicts and properties of essential aromatherapy products,which are 100% natural, you can prevent and heal, either through external or internal treatments:

Antibacterial, antifungal, antirhumatic, tonic, hypotensive, fast-healing fast-penetrating etc.

For a long time, man has believed that synthetic products were superior to natural products. Forgotten for many years, essential oils have become the stars of theraputic medicine.

Due to known and frequent accidents with aggresive synthetic medications, a number of diseases now want to be treated only with natural theraputic products.

Now often used as the initial treatment, essential oils have taken their rightful place of honour in the world of natural medicine.

Aromatherapy Definition – Treatments with aromates.

Aromates: fragrance, essence from plants used in medicine, cosmetics or in cooking.

The Process Of Making Esstential Oils

Distillation: this method of operation consists of passing plants substances through hot steam and gathering the condensation that is then changed into essential oil

Enfleurage: this method of operation consists of extracting the fragrances and essences from flowers by contact with an oily substance

Expression: This method consists of extracting the essence of citrus fruits by pressing the peel.

Extraction: [to obtain absolute essences]: this method of operation consists of extracting the essences with a solvent

* solvent: a liquid able to dissolve other substances; the essence of the plant is obtained after evaporating the solvent

For Example:

– 100kg of thyme is needed to obtain 1kg of essential thyme oil

– 100kg of herbal absinth is needed to obtain 300g of herbal absynth

– 3 tons of rose petals is needed to obtain 1kg of essential rose oil

How To Use Essential Oils

Using a Diffuser/Nebulizer

In order to keep all the properties of the essential oils, the diffuser should not overheat the oils. It is better to use an electric diffuser. We recommend various electric diffusers from Aromansse Boutique

On The Skin

Use a tablespoon of virgin oil mixed with one or more than one of our essential oils or use essential oils that are made for this purpose only.

NOTE: It is NOT recommended to use pure essential oils directly onto your skin

In The Bath

Fill up your bath with water and mix five to ten drops of essential oils in the water.

In The Sauna

A few drops of essential oils mixed with a little bit of water.

By Inhalation

Use lukewarm water mixed with a few drops of one or more than one essential oils and breathe the vapour.

Internal Treatment

One to four drops of essential oil 4 times a day mixed with half a glass of hot water (Warning: Ask your doctor or therapist, as long as that person has a very good knowledge in using essential oils)

See our therapeutic section to know which essential oils can be used internally and for what purpose.

Cooking With Essential Oils

Include essential oils with your cooking. See our special section on it plus some recipes suggested.

Where To Purchase

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