Schedule & Registration

Class Schedule January to April 2023

Weekly Spring Meditation Class Schedule
Starting Monday April 10th.

Date5 PM Class7 PM Class
MondayLevel 2.3Level 10.3
TuesdayLevel 9.1Level 9.2
WednesdayLevel 3.3
ThursdayLevel 3.6Level 5.3
FridayLevel 3

Meditation Workshop 2023 Schedule


Winter Vacation Retreat (15-Day)

15 days in Auroville India and Sri Lanka.

Meditation and Tour
Date:  2022 December 29 to 2023 January 13

Facilitator: Alex and Travel to Discover
Fee: 3700

More information and registration here



Timeline (Weekend)

Provides opportunities to explore the learning adventures of other selves in other times in order to gain new perspectives on who you are and what is uniquely possible for you in this present time.

Date: Saturday and Sunday March 11th & 12th
Sat 10am to 5pm and Sun 10am to 1pm 

Location: Winnipeg & Zoom
Facilitator: Alex
Fee: $180


Bio Energy 5 (2-Hour 30 Minutes)

Introduction to Higher Form of Bio Energy work to better understand and master healing, sublimation and ascension. This course will use the teachings viewed so far and bring them together for one of the most powerful practice of Love and Compassion.

Date: Friday May 12th
6:30pm to 9pm

Location: Winnipeg & Zoom
Facilitator: Alex
Fee: $70


Dying and Living Workshop (5-Day)

Explore The Dying Process To Be One Of Awareness And Dignity Through A Close State Of Near Death Experience

Date: Monday July 3th to Friday July 7th 2023

Location: Riverton Manitoba
Instructors: Alex and Jennifer
Fee: $1250


Evolution (NEW) (Weekend)

Are you ready to move from Pisces (love) to Aquarius (technology)?

Date: Sat & Sun August 5th & 6th

Location: Riverton and Zoom
Facilitator: Alex
Fee: $290 Physical $200 Zoom


Guadeloupe (Week)

This one on one sessions will be tailored to meet your individual needs. Discover the joy of living free from worry and stress and find an inner freedom, and peace of mind.

For Dates and information visit Aromansse - Guadeloupe Private Retreats - Travel To Discover

Location: Winnipeg
Facilitator: Alex
Fee: $1750 plus flight


Bio Energy 4 (2-Hour 30 Minutes)

Neutralize and utilize negative energies from the organs with primordial forces of the pakuas. Condense energy to circulate in the full body circuit and first meridian lines.

Date: Friday April 21st
6:30pm to 9pm

Location: Winnipeg & Zoom
Facilitator: Alex
Fee: $70


Sensate (Weekend)

You will discover all parts of you that are incarnated in the now, past, and other dimensions. You will connect with your tribes and enhance your life by receiving opportunities to tap, share, and mind-download many virtues and specialities.

Date: Sat & Sun June 10th & 11th

Location: Winnipeg & Zoom
Instructors: Alex
Fee: $200


Vision Quest Workshop (5-Day)

Alexander created a safe Vision Quest Workshop from different cultures held at the peaceful Retreat Center in Riverton.

You will be introduced safely to fasting, and journeying with plants.

Date: Monday July 17th to Friday July 21st 2023

Location: Riverton Manitoba
Instructor: Alex
Fee: $1050


Bio Energy 6 (2-Hour 30 Minutes)

Fusion 2 & 3. Thrusting, Belt and 8 Psychic Channels Meridian.
Use energy to open and connect the last meridian lines. Use all of these to further refine and protect the energy body.

Date: Friday Oct 13th
6:30pm to 9pm

Location: Winnipeg & Zoom
Facilitator: Alex