BFR Posology & Consultation

Taking the Bach Rescue Remedy

  • Dilute 4 drops in a small glass of water and sip at frequent intervals until relief is obtained. If necessary 2 drops of your Bach Flower Remedy or 4 drops of your Bach Rescue.

Remedy can be dropped neat onto the tongue, or rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears or on the temples and wrists.

How often or for how long you take Bach Flower Remedies depends on you. If your mood is just fleeting or you’re in a bit of a crisis you may only need one dose, but if you’ve been feeling the same for some time, there is no set limit as to how long you can take your chosen Remedy or Remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies are available in handy 10ml bottles (Bach Rescue Remedy also available in 20m1) and fit easily into your bag or briefcase, or on your desk. They can be taken by women, men, children and pets – even plants have been known to benefit. And they can be used in conjunction with any conventional or complementary medicines.

Remember, Bach Flower Remedies are completely natural, and safe to be used at any time, by all the family.

Taking the 38 Bach Flower Remedies

  • Dilute two drops in a small glass of water and sip at intervals throughout the day or until relief is obtained. Replenish as needed.
  • For longer term use, add 2 drops to a 30ml dropper bottle, top up with mineral water and take 4 drops from this solution 4 times daily, or more frequently if necessary until relief is obtained. Up to 6 or 7 Remedies may be taken together if required.

BFR Consultation

A Bach Flower Remedies Consultation may last between about 45 and 120 minutes because I may request detailed information about the your feelings about your life-situation. This is because it is ones emotions that determine the appropriate choice of (combination of) Bach Flower Remedies.

Some of the remedies might at first seem to be indicated by very similar emotional states (e.g. there are remedies for 5 different types of fear). Hence, the consultation must be detailed in order for me to establish which combination of the possible remedies is most appropriate for you, at that particular time Following the consultation, I may provide you with a treatment bottle containing your ideal combination of remedies as indicated at that time.

Alternatively, sometime you will be invited to make up your own treatment bottle in order that you experience the simplicity of the system for themselves, and so that you are able to prepare a follow-on bottle of the same type if you wish to do so later (without the need of another consultation).

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