Aromansse Workshops In Winnipeg

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Opening The Heart I

Two Day Guided Meditation Program

A Program About Love


Two Day Guided Meditation Program

Gain A Better Understanding Of The Chakras, What They Are, And How To Work With Them


Two Day Guided Meditation Program

Gain New Perspectives On Who You Are And What Is Possible For You In This Present Time

The Law Of 7

Two Day Guided Meditation Program

We Will Explore The Number 7 From Symbolism To The Deepest Understanding Of Planes Of Existence

Bio Energy Magic

Two Day Guided Meditation Program

Learn About Chinese Traditional Medicine And Your Personal Biorhythm To Slow Down Your Aging Process

Beams Of Light

Four Hour Guided Meditation Program

Your Very Connection To Life Will Begin To Unfold In Ways You Have Likely Never Even Dreamed Of, Much Less Experienced


Four Hour Guided Meditation Program

Learn How To Activate Your Merkaba Field, Your Personal Inter-dimensional Living Light Vehicle

Opening The Heart II

Four Hour Guided Meditation Program

The Heart Is the seat of the Soul. Uncovering sacred spaces within it leads to knowledge and power beyond what you've ever imagined.

Buddhist Understand Of Death Class

Four Hour Guided Meditation Program

You Will Be Introduced To An Ancient Source Of Strength And Guidance, The Tibetan Book Of The Dead

Buddhist Understand Of How Life Is Precious

Four Hour Guided Meditation Program

You Will Be Introduced To The 4 Buddhist Basic Practices And The Paths To Enlightenment

Opening The Heart III

Two Day Guided Meditation Program

Develop your full capacity for soul-based and heart-centered living. Ideal for both seasoned and beginning shamanic practitioners

Source From Into The Light

One Day Guided Meditation Program

Explore, Know And Look Forward Where You Are Going After This Physical Existence

Chakra Extra

Two Day Guided Meditation Program

You Will Experience The 5th Dimension And A Possible Kundalini Activation

Connecting With The Unseen Worlds

Two Day Guided Meditation Program

Access Your Ability To Connect With Your Guides, Angels, Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed, The Masters And With Oneness Itself

Understand Everything

Two Day Guided Meditation Program

A Time To Calmly Explore All The Aspects Of The Dying And Living Program Without The Intense Emotion Of The Unknown


Two Day Guided Meditation Program

Re-establish The Body’s Natural Balance, Strengthen The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, And Achieve Perfect Health

Bio Energy Workshops

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Taoist Bio Energy Workshops $70

Bio energy (chi or Qi) is the energy that creates you and everything in the universe. Martial arts and healers are using the knowledge of Chi to achieve what some call Miracles.

Workshops Are $70 Each (2 and half Hours On Friday Nights)

Free Karma Talk

Taoist Bio Energy

Introduction to Higher Form of Bio Energy work to better understand and master healing, sublimation and ascension. This course is the preface of all the following Bio energy workshops.

Bio 1

Organs Cleansing

Use the power of relaxation response in the parasympathetic nervous system. Get rid of the negative emotion and rebalance the positive emotion. Each organ stores parts of the primordial force and negative and positive emotions.

Bio 2

Earth & Sky Energy. First Meridian.

Opening the body’s life force energy flow in the energy pathways will help to activate the orbiting of forces of the solar system and the universe. This will help draw in more primordial force in the sub navel storage center, the heart and the brain.

Bio 3

Heart and Sexual Bio Energy

Sexual organs and the kidneys store part of the essence of the primordial force. Learn how to conserve and store it.

Bio 4

Fusion 1

Neutralize and utilize negative energies from the organs with primordial forces of the pakuas. Condense energy to circulate in the full body circuit and first meridian lines.

Bio 5


Introduction to Higher Form of Bio Energy work to better understand and master healing, sublimation and ascension. This course will use the teachings viewed so far and bring them together for one of the most powerful practice of Love and Compassion.


Bio 6

Fusion 2 & 3. Thrusting, Belt and 8 Psychic Channels Meridian.

Use energy to open and connect the last meridian lines. Use all of these to further refine and protect the energy body.

Bio 7


Find your power place and review all the practice viewed so far.

Bio 8


Reunite with the Primordial Force. Form a more complete force. This process establishes a powerful ‘steaming’ effect in the storage Center at the level of the navel center. This is used to cleanse, purify and strengthen the organs and brain to better attract the primordial force.

Bio 9


Further Reunite with the Primordial Force. Another storage center is established in the solar plexus center to draw on the yin and yang forces of the sun, moon and planets to further amplify the processes begun in the center.

Bio 10


Reunite with the Primordial Force Still More. Establish another storage center in the heart center and expand the body to become a Cosmic Being, billions of light years from head to toe. Be this being that beams down its exquisite rays to one cell of its being, the human on planet Earth meditating up to the stars.

Bio 11

Sealing The Senses

Finally, we add another storage center to the head . It unifies the five streams of personal consciousness that operate through our senses, with the five forces of the collective Stellar Self.

Bio 12

Heaven And Earth

This practice integrates the Early Heaven or formless Self with the Later Heaven (Earth) physical Self. The Self here identifies itself here with two dimensions that co-exist and co-create: the “formless form” of our being and the “substantial form” of our becoming. We must enter this portal to complete our journey of Return to the Origin.

Bio 13


This stage is the integration of the eight previous levels of consciousness into the experience of living simultaneously in the present moment in all dimensions, from physical linear time to spirit’s eternal time. This state cannot be fully known or defined conceptually for others. Perhaps it might be conceptualized as the experience of living fully in the Super cluster.