Egyptian Bliss Massage

1 Hour Full Bodywork Session $90

  * Massage is not covered by insurance

Egyptian Bodywork is a sacred full body mind and spirit ceremony. During Egyptian times, this was a ritual performed in the ancient temples by the priest and priestesses to prepare one another for their sacred duties.

In these times, we are bringing the old temple arts into the modern world, to be experienced by men and women to awaken their own divinity. Egyptian Aromatherapy, Sounds and Massage is a gift of touch and a sacred ceremony that will reconnect you to your wholeness.

You will lie down on a covered table, where your body will be anointed with blended essential oils. While you will be swimming in the wonderful scents of elixirs, you will heal through harmonic sound vibrations with special Hemi-Sync meditative music. In gentle, loving, measured strokes, the body worker will honour your divine incarnation in form. It transports you to another time and place. You may wish to float in timeless eternity.

This sacred ceremony rebalances your energy levels, increases your circulation and brings full-body relaxation. It is an experience to be honoured.

You can choose for different massage experience each visit, from healing to deep tantric meditation.

Egyptian 60 minutes $90
Tantric 90 minutes $160 (only available to Tantric students)

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Facilitator: Alexandre Chaligne
Phone: (204) 995-4580