6 Day Workshop In Riverton

Vision Quest

5 Day Workshop with Alexandre

Vision Quest Bio Energy Magic or the Science of Longevity

This intensive workshop is offering participants a deep encounter with their inner Self.

This workshop will introduce you to 3 Taoist Fundamentals
- Mo Pai Nei Kung (sitting meditation)
- Thai Chi (standing meditation)
- Chinese Medicine Biorhythm (food, exercises and lifestyle for your personal temperament)

This ancient training augments the innate potential of the human body through gathering and harnessing the two fundamental life-force energies known as Yin Chi and Yang Chi. Developing these vital energies to levels that many would consider supernatural, the student quickly gains an edge when compared to the average human.
You will be introduced to sitting and standing meditation to gather energy form the earth, the cosmos and from love.
You will be familiarized with Chinese way of living for longevity. This includes the 5 elements concept between nature and humans. (diet, exercise, medicine..)

We will be going into the latest medicine research on Longevity.

You will be introduced safely to intermittent fasting, and if desired journeying with plants. It will give you deeper understandings and Visions from the Spirit World.

You will learn a set of exercises that can be your next daily routine where discipline becomes easy.
Bioenergy, meditations, and chants will softly prepare you to achieve your intent set at the beginning of the workshop with Alexander’s guidance.

This workshop is of great benefit to anyone wanting to access deeper levels of awareness, gain insight, or move forward on their spiritual path. They can be particularly helpful to people undergoing changes and transitions in their lives, and to those wanting tools and skills to help themselves to have a new meditation practice.

5 Day Physical Retreat $1450 (Riverton Manitoba)
5 Day Zoom Retreat $1250

Some Benefits of a Vision Quest

  • Confidence development
  • Enhancement with your link to nature
  • Humanity, and spirit
  • Meeting with your spirit guides
  • Receiving direct experiences without books or teachers

Workshop Includes

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Full 5-day guided meditation tuition
  • Night group activities
  • 5 nights accommodation at our retreat center in St Anne Manitoba