6 Day Workshop In Riverton

Vision Quest $770

6 Day Workshop with Alexandre

A Vision Quest is a ritual done in several religions and philosophies all over the world that marks a change in a person’s life.

Alexander created a safe Vision Quest Workshop from different cultures held at the peaceful Retreat Center in Riverton.

You will be introduced safely to fasting, and journeying with plants. It will give you instant Out of Body Experience and Visions from the Spirit World. Sacred ceremonies with meditations and chants will softly prepare you to achieve your intent set at the beginning of the workshop with Alexander’s guidance.

This workshop gives you opportunities to discover many spiritual cultural rituals.

Some Benefits of a Vision Quest

  • Confidence development
  • Enhancement with your link to nature
  • Humanity, and spirit
  • Meeting with your spirit guides
  • Receiving direct experiences without books or teachers

Workshop Includes

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Full 6-day guided meditation tuition
  • Night group activities
  • 6 nights accommodation at our retreat center in St Anne Manitoba