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Welcome to Aromansse…

Spirituality isn’t “magic”…

Events occur in our lives for a reason, developing an understanding and awareness, raises our level of consciousness and mindfulness to help us evolve as a person. At Aromansse, your journey takes place on a very personal level.

You will quickly find out that our programs are very different from other programs you might have seen or experienced. It is not to say that those ones are better or worse than other programs, but simply different. You may recognize teachings and tools from others times and civilizations such as Tibet, India China, Egypt and other from some supposed lost continent. You will see that in our program we integrated a new modern approach and tools for today society. In our era and Western civilization this approach could be called ‘spiritual/scientific’. Do not be offended by the term ‘spiritual/scientific’, the goal of the program is to remove the gap between science and spirituality.

We won’t give quick answers to your questions or try to impress you with miracle solutions, but rather give you the tools that will allow you to resolve your own problems today and tomorrow.

I invite you to learn, grow, remember, enhance your life and restore your spirit with us.

-Alexandre Chaligne, Head Instructor.

Alex Chaligne

Founder & Head Instructor

Alexandre is the founder and Head Instructor of Aromansse and the Aromansse Riverton Retreat Centre and is the Director for all Aromansse’s meditation programs. He is a Master Aromatherapist, Bach Flower Therapist and Healing Arts Practitioner in the areas of Spiritual Guidance, Feng Shui, Tantra and Egyptian Bodywork.

Alexandre Chaligne

Head Instructor

Meditation, Aromatherapy, Spiritual Guidance, Bach Flower Remedies, Egyptian Massage, Yoga, Monroe Institute Professional Member

I have 31 years of experience in the fields of soul and bodywork. My journey began with Buddhist meditations with Sogyal Rinpoche (Tibetan Book of Living & Dying). I studied Aromatherapy and Egyptian massage through Aromatherapy Fundamental Research Laboratories. My interests then moved into the field of emotional homeopathy with the training of Dr Bach Flower Remedies. I broaden my meditation knowing at the Academy of Para-psychology in Montpellier (France). When I arrived in Canada (1999), to expand my powers of my meditation, I studied at the Monroe Institute, out of Virginia in the United States and became an Hemi-Sync Instructor. I am a lifelong student, today learning about Orchids soul homeopathy. Presently I work in the development our Hemi-Sync Pre-palliative care facility.

Alexandre is the founder and Head Instructor of Aromansse and the Aromansse Riverton Retreat Centre and is the Director for all Aromansse’s meditation programs. He is a Master Aromatherapist, Bach Flower Therapist and Healing Arts Practitioner in the areas of Spiritual Guidance, Feng Shui, Tantra and Egyptian Bodywork.

To contact Alexandre: alex@aromansse.com


Nadia Wrobel - RHN, RCRT


Reflexology, Hot Stone Therapy, Facial Reflexology with Phyto5, Bowen Therapy, Soul/Energy Work.

Nadia’s journey in holistic healing started in April, 2007, when she became Reiki Master. Thereafter, Nadia was guided towards Reflexology and became Certified Foot Reflexologist. She is continuously pursuing her professional development by attending workshops, seminars and courses such as Thai Foot Reflexology, Plantar Fasciitis Prevention & Protocol, Advanced Reflexology, Pranic Healing, Rejuvenating Face Massage and Thai Herbal Stem Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Angel Card readings and many more.

To be able to further integrate the body-mind-spirit connection to her healing therapies, Nadia obtained her certifications as Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapist in December, 2008.  She became a Soul Realignment Practitioner and Angel Card Reader in 2017.

Nadia’s treatments aim to rebalance body-mind-spirit through relaxation. They can boost your vitality, leave you feeling energized, and enhance your own sense of well-being

To contact Nadia: nadia@aromansse.com
(204) 470-3264


Ruth Ziegler


Shamanism, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Channeler

Ruth has been involved in the healing arts for over 30 years as a spiritual teacher and healing practitioner. Ruth utilizes a variety of healing modalities and tools in her practice to assist her clients in healing and self-discovery such as Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Channeling. Ruth has trained with various shamans and taken courses through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
Ruth is an accomplished Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher initiating her students to the various levels of Reiki over the years. Ruth has been involved in meditation for the past 25 years and is an accomplished channeler. Her eclectic approach to healing blends both years of formal and informal training to make her a multi-disciplined practitioner.

To contact Ruth: ruth@aromansse.com
(204) 781-3013
Ruth website

Terri Smith

Meditation Instructor

Terri Smith has been a meditation instructor with Aromansse since 2008. She has been practicing forms of meditation and self-hypnosis for nearly 30 years. After many life experiences, Terri’s life led her in the direction of alternative healing and spiritual development. She has studied and practices Reflexology, Lightbody/Axiatonal Alignment, Aromatherapy, EMF Balancing Technique, Reiki, Crystals, Hypnotherapy, Stillpoint – Quantum Field, and Guardian/Consciousness Angels. In addition to meditation instruction, she has developed courses in Lightbody/Axiatonal Alignment, Learning to Read Your Akashic Records, Connecting with your Guardian /Consciousness Angel and An Exploration of “The Celestine Prophecy”. She provides healing services in the above disciplines.
To contact Terri  terri@aromansse.com
(204) 475-3401
Terri website

Izzy Ellerby

Life Path Facilitator

Izzy has dedicated herself to healing work. She is a practicing Reiki master, incorporating, therapeutic touch, quantum touch and polarity in her practice. She is also an ordained Interfaith minister. Izzy has worked with emotionally challenged children in the public school system, providing one on one support. She has worked in health care and community social service agencies volunteering her time working with both staff and patients. For 10 years she has been an invited healer at the Red Road Healing Gathering in South Dakota, working with the Lakota Sioux community. She provides private practice healing work with her fee for service being donated to charities of the client’s choice. She has counseled and treated disaster, and trauma clients, individuals living with AIDS and terminally ill patients.

To contact Izzy: izzy@aromansse.com

Melissa Meilleur

Teen & Adult Meditation Teacher

Melissa MeilleurMelissa has studied at Aromansse for over 14 years.  After spending many years as a dedicated student of meditation, she has spent the last several years sharing techniques learned and experienced, including teaching youth/teen meditation since 2012.  With guidance, she truly believes anyone can learn tools for daily life that help develop emotional resilience.

Immersing herself in studying various spiritual texts, she was particularly drawn to Buddhism compassion practices and self-compassion.  This led to the discovery of the work of Kristen Neff, PhD.  She is currently a teacher-in-training of the Mindful Self-Compassion program sponsored by University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness.

Also working in the corporate world, she continues to learn how to live her own life with awareness, kindness and compassion, both for others and for herself.  As a mother of three, she is compassionate to the stress and challenges youth and their parents are struggling with today.

To contact Melissa: melissa@aromansse.com
Melissa website

Alex Zachariah

Retreat and Travel Consultant

AlexzAlex is the founder of Travel of Discover, a project that was born from his passion for travelling and sustainable tourism with the aim to bridge the gaps between communities and tourists who visit them.

Travel To Discover tries to connect one with communities and cultures, beyond the walls of your hotel rooms, and gives an opportunity to experience, explore and discover something extraordinary; be it a new culture, a place, a passion, a hobby or even just to discover one’s “true self”.

Alex, has been actively involved in planning and executive wellness retreats and other trips for led by Aromansse Instructors and other partners from Yoga Public, Winnipeg etc. He has led retreats in Nicaragua, Bali, Indonesia, Auroville, India and working on new destinations in France, Thailand, South Africa and Brazil.

Alex believes that travelling offers one of the best time to sit back and have a meaningful introspective of one’s life and interactions with his environment, whether its physical, social, intellectual or spiritual.

Alex, has been working with various marginalized communities around the world, since his university days, while he was pursuing his masters in natural resource management and community-based development. He got a chance to meet locals, elders and community leaders from different parts of the world, which enabled and encouraged him to have a self-dialogue about how tourism could be linked to grassroots level experiences.

After registering Travel To Discover as a company in 2015, Alex is very passionate about helping you plan your next adventure and journey, right from booking flights, building customized itineraries and all your other travel needs.

Visit  www.traveltodiscover.org for more details and inspirations for your next adventure.

Alex Zachariah


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