Life Path Facilitator

60 Minute Session $40

$10 of the fee will be donated to the Aromansse Palliative Care Program

Life Path Facilitation is a one on one connection between myself, and the clients, who are searching for a better understanding of the obstacles confronting them in their personal lives. Looking inward and speaking outward they are able to understand and change their thought process. These obstacles may be of a spiritual, emotional or physical nature.

Many people who are facing relationship difficulties, grief from loss, and health changes come for a life path facilitation. Some people feel a sense of confusion as to who they are, and what comes next on their spiritual path. Others are seeing a change in their life style, be it professional or personal.

The sessions take place in a calm, safe healing environment in my home. The room in which I work is my energy treatment space, and is filled with a loving presence.


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Facilitator: Izzy Ellerby