Soul Searching for Joy and Happiness

The most important first steps in achieving the state of joy and happiness is the building of a strong foundation here on earth.
While we strive to be more connected spiritually, we often forget that we are incarnated into a physical world. Joy and happiness will be illusive if we are not grounded into this physical reality. This article is about finding your grounding and building a strong foundation and security on earth.

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Foundations of Joy and Happiness

Feeling secure in life means feeling secure in your personal relationship with the earth, with your physical body, and by loving your incarnation.

In your first seven earthly years you learn to create the foundation of life; most important of which are shelter and food. Without those basics, you cannot be happy.

10,000 years ago you might have learned to hunt or fish from your father or the tribe. Today it is no longer about learning the basics of life; we operate very differently now, learning through education in schools and other places. Often, our parents cannot even really contribute or teach a child the basics of modern life and survival.

By the time you are seven, your life is less about loving life and incarnation on earth and much more about interaction with others and learning skills sets so that you can develop. Life is a mechanism for learning through which to gain your future employment. This becomes even more challenging as a teen.

Your root chakra needs to be grounded, open and working. Again, this is like a house with strong foundation, but like a real house, your foundation needs constant care to ensure it remains strong.

Once the root chakra is finally grounded, you need to be in the Now to be happy and joyful. This is challenging.

Our physical lives become more meaningful when we understand our Life Path and Soul Purpose. You have one Soul Purpose, but you have many Life Paths in order to meet that Soul Purpose. You have clues from various sources on your Life Paths that contribute to your Soul Purpose.

Once you get an idea of your Soul Purpose, you might then understand

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