Integral Meditation Workshop

Sunday May 14 (8:30am-4:30pm) and Monday 15 (5-9pm), 2017

Central to Integral Meditation is the idea that Spirit manifests itself in a process of involution, meanwhile forgetting its origins.
Integral Meditation combines a wide range of practices, such as chanting, relaxation, meditation, concentration and contemplation.

The benefit of this workshop is the first step of transforming our superficial, narrow, fragmentary human way of thinking, seeing, feeling and being into a deep and wide spiritual consciousness and an integrated inner and outer existence of our ordinary human living into the divine way of life.

The current status of human evolution is an intermediate stage in the evolution of being, which is on its way to the unfolding of the spirit, and the self-revelation of divinity in all things. Integral is a rapid and concentrated evolution of being, which can take effect in one life-time, while unassisted natural evolution would take many centuries or many births. The goal of Integral I & II is to become aware of the Divine, to integrate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves, and to manifest the Divine at earth.

The end goal is the dynamic manifestation of the Absolute, and the intermediary between Spirit and the manifest world, which enables the transformation of common being into Divine being.

Location: Winnipeg Studio
Cost $210
More information and registration email 204 995 4580
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