Developing our life force energy-chi for self-healing and life enhancement

Taoist Bio energy teachings cultivate health, healing, happiness and higher self-development. Designed to transform the frustrations of stress and tension into vitality for a full life and access reality-based experiences of the spiritual dimensions within.

Taoist Bio energy practices are designed to cultivate a balanced life of love, health, longevity and spiritual evolution. It is a complete system for our integrated physical, energy (emotional), mental and spiritual bodies. The focus is on developing and refining our life energy, chi—our bio-electromagnetic life-force—for self-healing and life enhancement.

Join us to our beginner level at Aromansse called “Bio 3” and use the power of relaxation response in the parasympathetic nervous system to get rid of the negative emotion and rebalance the positive emotion. Each organ stores parts of the primordial force, negative and positive emotions which we can be healed and strengthen with the” inner smile” and the “six healing sounds” practices.

This 4-hour workshop will be held on Wednesday April 5th from 5pm to 9pm.
Cost: $90
Registration and more information contact
Registration form: here
Instructor: Alex Chaligne

Bio 4: Tuesday July 11th. Opening the body’s life force energy flow in the energy pathways will help to activate the orbiting of forces of the solar system and the universe. This will help draw in more primordial force in the sub navel storage center, the heart and the brain.

Bio 5: Thursday October 12th. Sexual organs and the kidneys store part of the essence of the primordial force. Learn how to conserve and store it.