Opening the Heart Series

Alex will be offering Opening the Heart 2 Saturday October 21st 2017 from 9:30am to 1:30pm at Aromansse


There are 2 energy fields within the center of your heart, and with them come individual experiences to truly understand yourself on the deepest levels. There is a difference between experiencing life from the brain or the heart, the heart is the gateway to compassion and being.

Come learn to move your consciousness from the head into the heart to live a more fulfilling life and experience profound meditations.

This workshop is part of the opening the heart and ascension series: Merkaba, Beams of Light and Tantric & Sufi Dances.
No prerequisite necessary to attend this workshop.

Full 4 Hours guided meditation tuition in Winnipeg. Cost: $90 (4 hours)
Facilitator: Alexandre Chaligne
To register please email Alex

Aromansse 288 Marion Street, 2nd floor Winnipeg 204-995-4580