Do Things That Scare You

Do Things That Scare You


Why go against your sense of fear?  Fear is there for a reason right?  It warns you away from danger and keeps you safe.  Doing something that scares you in this sense does not mean a Sharknado marathon or playing dodge the cars on the highway.   It is about realizing that you are choosing what you know over what you actually want.  So if it is that time for you to start doing what scares you to start growing then here are some things you want to try.

Many people are afraid of losing possessions.  Things are very personal and we need them right?  There is fear in losing possessions.  Fear of losing things with memories tied to them. If you go looking for things to give away and giving some things away not only do you become uncluttered you can also find out what you need and what you don’t.  Explore the process and really start to see what you need and what you hold onto just out of a fear of loss.  Don’t judge yourself if something holds meaning or need or just a lot of joy for you, then keep it.  Just don’t keep it because you are scared to lose it.

Try something new, eat something different or buy a shirt in a new colour and then wear it.  Be aware when the fear of tasting something you might not enjoy keeps you from discovering things you might enjoy a whole lot.  Start to see when the fear of looking silly for wearing something new is holding you back from looking and feeling amazing.  I love red lipstick, and I wear it to please me.  If other people think I am too old well I am not going to let my fear of being judged take away my pleasure at wearing it.

Talk to a stranger and see who is out there.  The more you talk to other people, not only will you be confronting fear you will quickly see how many great people are out there.  Plus, there is nothing better then turning a stranger into a friend.  Confront any fear of being rejected or judged and see if there are any new friends out there.  Start small talk to the people you are in line with, pass some wait time by exchanging pleasantries with another customer or the cashier.

Go on an adventure, be it big or small.  Travel somewhere new that you have always wanted to go but were too afraid.  It doesn’t have to involve a life time of plans and all your savings.  You can simply take a bus to a new park and explore.  All that matters is you find your adventure and don’t let fear of the unknown stop you.  Adventure can be near or far just when the opportunity for adventure presents itself take it.

Take a class and learn something you are afraid you won’t be good at but still want to try.  Learn to dance or play hockey it doesn’t matter what just take your chance and see where it goes.  If you want to learn to rock climb but are afraid you will fail, then learn to climb that rock and your fear of failure at the same time.

This blog for me is scary.  I have been putting off writing from a fear of criticism.  So here I am taking my own advice and I am starting to share my experiences and lessons I am learning while trying to find my own way.  I intend to keep doing this thing that scares me and just keep writing.  Because my fear is not to save my life it is just a fear of rejection.  The root to doing things that scare you is to find the fears that need to be confronted, name them for what they are and then face them.  So dive in and do something that scares you.  Don’t be too afraid I am cheering for you!

Contributed by
Mary East