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Tantric Yoga for Men

YOGA CLASS AND TANTRIC YOGA FOR MEN Starting Sunday October 15th 2017 from 7pm to 8:15pm Kyma Yoga is an integrated mind –body training method that combines bio energy movements and stretching exercises. (45 Minutes) We transition to warm up exercises supportive to sexual cultivation, then self sexual reflexology to build orgasmic energy to a…

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Dark Retreat

Aromansse – LAST Dark Retreat Meditation in Manitoba. 7-day Dark Retreat Meditation Sunday Nov 12 to Saturday 18 2017. Arrival on Saturday Nov 11 at 7:30pm. All spiritual traditions have used the Dark Room techniques throughout the ages, referring to it as the Perfect Inner Alchemy Chamber. Christ spent 3 days in the caves near…

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Fall Meditation Class Schedule

As we are all still enjoying the summer, we are already preparing our fall schedule and I will be happy to see you next week for meditation. If you forgot to include some relaxation and meditations into your routine you can change that by looking at my following meditation class schedule. Monday September 11th -Level…

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