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Health Benefits Of Foot Reflexology!

By Sherice Reflexology is based on the ancient principle by applying pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology is generally relaxing and may be an effective way to alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that these areas correspond to organs and systems of the body. Proponents believe that pressure applied to…

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An Introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies

An introduction to the Bach Flower Remedies by Andrew Tresidder The healing power of nature has been known almost since time began. Flowers and plants uplift us. Scents give pleasure, colours and forms entrance us, and the whole splendour of nature nurtures us. On a more physi­cal level, plants give us food and medi­cines. But…

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Freedom from Fear

Can our greatest liberation be freedom from fear? Fear and freedom have been compellingly addressed by thought leaders of every generation. Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom. ~ Mary Ferguson You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For…

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